Collection of Articles, Books, Podcasts etc.

Listing something doesn’t mean I agree with every statement which is made - often it is quite the contrary. The articles, books or podcasts are impulses to start thinking and caring/not caring about a certain topic.


read in 2020

Novelty and Heresy - Paul Graham

  • Work on the non-obvious things.

Mimetic - Brian Timar

  • Your peer group is essential – mimetic desire (see here).

Half-assing it with everything you’ve got

  • When to overachieve and when to slack off – you’re the one setting it.

read in 2019

Secrets about People: A Short and Dangerous Introduction to René Girard

Perhaps one of the paradoxical benefits of the internet, in the long term, is shifting the way we think about peer relationships from “opt-out”, which it’s been since pretty much forever, towards “opt-in.”

Keep Your Identity Small

  • People’s identities and discussions.

The Antidote to Civilisational Collapse

  • Adam Curtis on the current state of affairs.

“We’re not actually that individualistic. We’re very similar to each other and computers know that dirty secret.”

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: A Work Rant

  • Interesting thoughts about jobs in general - might include you.

The Fireplace Delusion

  • Sam Harris about collisions with scientific rationality.

On Caring

  • On becoming a rational philanthropist and why it is hard.

read in 2018

Uncanny Vulvas - Diana Fleischman

  • Sexrobots?

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic

  • Some ideas about smartphones and their mental-health implications.

The Evolution of Trust

  • Interactive introduction guide to game theory and the application on society.

What Does Genetic Research Tell Us About Equal Opportunity and Meritocracy?

  • I’ve always been fascinated and wondering about the role of genes.

Podcast Episodes

These are single episodes of podcasts which I can recommend. Nonetheless, usually the whole podcast feed is great.

Kevin Rose Show: with Sam Harris

  • When to learn meditation and when to apply it.

AfterOn with Rob Reid: #44 and #45 - with Naval Ravikant

  • Emerging technology in the future and bad guys.

thedrive #47 - #49: Matthew Walker on sleep

  • Sleep is important, right? But how important and why is it still the first we neglect when busy? Matthew Walker and Peter Attia walk through the importance of sleep.

ALT042: mit Joscha Bach über life, the universe and everything - Alternativlos

  • ‘life, the universe and everything’

#128 — Transformations of Mind - Waking Up with Sam Harris

  • Some interesting discussions about a wide range of topics: evolution of the human species, polygamy, AI and more.

#283: Managing Procrastination, Predicting the Future, and Finding Happiness - Tim Urban - The Tim Ferriss Show

What Is Technology Doing to Us? - Waking Up with Sam Harris

  • An interesting discussion with Tristan Harris from Humane Tech how technology is designed to be addictive and how we waste our time being miserable.


These have been the most influential books in how I understand the world:


updated 22 mar 2020