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Research Papers

Bernardi, J., Mukobi, G., Greaves, H., Heim, L., & Anderljung, M. (May, 2024). Societal Adaptation to Advanced AI, (under review).

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Government Information Request Submissions

Fist, T., Egan, J., Heim, L., Huang, S., Zekany, S., Trager, R., Osborne, M. A., & Zilberman, N. (Apr., 2024). Comments on “Taking Additional Steps To Address the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities”.

Heim, L., & Egan, J. (Dec., 2023). Accessing Controlled AI Chips via Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): Implications for Export Controls.

Schuett, J., Anderljung, M., Heim, L., & Seger, E. (Jul., 2023). National Priorities for Artificial Intelligence (Response to the OSTP Request for Information).

Thornton, E., Schuett, J., Anderljung, M., & Heim, L. (Jun., 2023). Response to the NTIA AI Accountability Policy Request for Comment.

Whittlestone, J., Avin, S., Heim, L., Anderljung, M., & Sastry, G. (Mar., 2023). Response to the UK’s Future of Compute Review.

Heim, L., & Anderljung, M. (Jan., 2023). Comment on October 7 advanced computing and semiconductor manufacturing equipment rule, (not publicly available).

Heim, L., & Anderljung, M. (Aug., 2022). GovAI Response to the Future of Compute Review—Call for Evidence.

Heim, L., & Anderljung, M. (Jun., 2022). Submission to the RFI on Implementing Initial Findings and Recommendations of the NAIRR Task Force.

Commentary & Op-eds

Heim, L., Anderljung, M., & Belfield, H. (Mar., 2024). To Govern AI, We Must Govern Compute, Lawfare.

Fist, T., Heim, L., & Schneider, J. (Jun., 2023). Chinese Firms Are Evading Chip Controls, Foreign Policy.

GovAI Articles

Garfinkel, B., Anderljung, M., Heim, L., Trager, R., Clifford, B., & Seger, E. (Mar., 2024). Goals for the Second AI Safety Summit.

Heim, L., & Pilz, K. (Feb., 2024). What Increasing Compute Efficiency Means for the Proliferation of Dangerous Capabilities.

Heim, L., Anderljung, M., Bluemke, E., & Trager, R. (Feb., 2024). Computing Power and the Governance of AI.

Garfinkel, B., & Heim, L. (Jul., 2023). What Should the Global Summit on AI Safety Try to Accomplish?.

Anderljung, M., Heim, L., & Shevlane, T. (Apr., 2022). Compute Funds and Pre-trained Models.

Personal Blog Posts

Heim, L. (Apr., 2024). (Training) Compute Thresholds - Features and Functions in AI Governance.

Heim, L. (Mar., 2024). Considerations and Limitations for AI Hardware-Enabled Mechanisms.

Heim, L. (Feb., 2024). Crucial Considerations for Compute Governance.

Heim, L., & Pilz, K. (Feb., 2024). What share of all chips are high-end data center AI chips?.

Heim, L. (Feb., 2024). Technical AI Governance.

Heim, L. (Jun., 2023). The Case for Pre-emptive Authorizations for AI Training.

Heim, L. (Jun., 2023). This can’t go on (?)—AI Training Compute Costs.

Heim, L. (Apr., 2023). FLOP for Quantity, FLOP/s for Performance..

Heim, L. (May, 2022). Information security considerations for AI and the long term future.

Heim, L. (Apr., 2022). Estimating 🌴PaLM’s training cost..

Heim, L. (Sep., 2021). Transformative AI and Compute.


Hobbhahn, M., Heim, L., & Aydos, G. (2023). Trends in Machine Learning Hardware.

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Previous Non AI Governance Work

Schadll, S., Rodriguez-Raecke, R., Heim, L., & Freiherr, J. (Jul., 2021). Playing Tetris Lets You Rate Odors as Less Intense, Frontiers in Psychology.

Heim, L., Biri, A., Qu, Z., & Thiele, L. (Apr., 2021). Measuring what Really Matters: Optimizing Neural Networks for TinyML.

Müschenich, F. S., Sichtermann, T., Di Francesco, M. E., Rodriguez-Raecke, R., Heim, L., Singer, M., Wiesmann, M., & Freiherr, J. (Dec., 2020). Some like it, some do not: Behavioral responses and central processing of olfactory–trigeminal mixture perception, Brain Structure and Function, 226(1), 247–261.

Heim, L. (Sept., 2020). Evaluation and Deployment of Resource-Constrained Machine Learning on Embedded Devices, Master Thesis, ETH Zurich & RWTH Aachen University.

Heim, L. (Sept., 2016). Network Virtualization for Automatic Deployment of SDR-Based Wireless Experiments, Bachelor Thesis, RWTH Aachen University.