Our recent paper “Computing Power and the Governance of AI” is an introduction to the field of Compute Governance. We argue that compute is a particularly promising node for AI governance. We also highlight the risks of compute governance and offer suggestions for how to mitigate them. You can find a Twitter summary here and blog post summary here.

Reading List

Transformative AI and Compute - Reading List, where I list readings and resources in the following categories:

  • Compute in the AI Production Function: Why compute matters for AI
  • Compute Supply Landscape: How chips are produced and used
  • Compute Governance: The governance of compute to achieve beneficial AI outcomes
  • Compute-Based Transformative AI Forecasting: How much compute might lead to transformative and potentially dangerous capabilities


You can find a video and transcript of an Introduction to Compute Governance on my blog where I introduce the idea of using compute as a node for AI governance.

In August 2023, I gave an updated version of this talk at Google. You can find the the slides, a transcript, and a recording here.

Podcast Interviews

In May 2023, I was interviewed by Rob Wiblin from 80,000 Hours. We talk for three hours covering a wide range of topics. You can also find a transcript at the link below.

Sean Lawrence from High Impact Engineers interviewed me. While we also cover AI and Compute, we also chat about my career and how I came about working on AI Governance.

I did two podcast episodes with the Future of Life Institute:

I also joined Jordan Schneider and Chris Miller on ChinaTalk:

Career Guide

I recommend this career guide on becoming an expert in AI hardware.

“All models are wrong, but some are useful."

— George E. P. Bo

updated Feb 2024