“All models are wrong, but some are useful."

— George E. P. Bo

Reading List

Transformative AI and Compute - Reading List, where I list readings and resources for the following categories:

  • Compute in the AI Production Function: Why compute matters for AI
  • Compute Supply Landscape: How chips are produced and used
  • Compute Governance: The governance of compute to achieve beneficial AI outcomes
  • Compute-Based Transformative AI Forecasting: How much compute we might need to achieve certain transformative and potentially dangerous capabilities and How much compute we will have in the future and which computing paradigms will dominate

Introduction to Compute and AI Governance

Career Guide

I recommend this career guide on becoming an expert in AI hardware.


You can find a video and transcript of an Introduction to Compute Governance on my blog where I introduce the idea of using compute as a node for AI governance.

You can find here a slide deck from a talk that I recently gave at Google (August, 2023). (I might be able to release a recording soon.)

Podcast Interviews

In May 2023 I was interviewed by Rob Wiblin from 80,000 Hours. We talk for three hours covering a wide range of topics. You can also find a transcript at the link below.

Sean Lawrence from High Impact Engineers interviewed me. While we also cover AI and Compute, we also talk about my career and how I came about working on AI Governance.

I did two podcast episodes with the Future of Life Institute:

I also joined Jordan Schneider and Chris Miller on ChinaTalk:

updated October 2023