“The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology"

— Edward Osborne Wilson

For the moment, I’m researching AI and Compute with the The Centre for the Governance of AI.

My research focuses on compute governance, including the role of compute in the AI production function, the compute landscape/supply chain, security of AI systems, and forecasting emerging technologies.

I got a background in Computer Engineering. You can find more on my professional background on LinkedIn.

I see a big challenge in aligning technology with our best interest.

Many of the dangers we face indeed arise from science and technology - but, more fundamentally, because we have become powerful without becoming commensurately wise. The world-altering powers that technology has delivered into our hands now require a degree of consideration and foresight that has never before been asked for us.

— Carl Sagan

Feel free to contact me with the mentioned contact details in the footer.

I’m usually pretty good at keeping myself occupied. On the side, I’m building a community dedicated to inspiring and assisting people to use evidence and reason to achieve their altruistic goals. In the past I’ve done research in neuroscience, explored wireless and embedded systems, investigated charities with legacies.now, explored Amazon from the inside, explored morality during my studies, became a whale watching guide, brought ML to resource-constrained devices, fixed windshields on Kauai, measured radiated spurious emissions of 5G, cuddled with a bunch of dogs, and, lastly, failed a start-up on particulate sensors with friends of mine.

This is not the correct order and some of those things happened at the same time – I’ll leave this to you.

updated july 2022